Fact of the Day Image Nov. 11th

You may have some dreams of floating on soft and weightless clouds. But, in fact, clouds weigh more than a 100 freight trains! This is due to the amount of air and water droplets there are in the cloud.

The clouds are dense, which means that it has lots of things packed into a small space. Even though clouds look big, they have so much water and air packed into them! Clouds are just floating collections of water that has evaporated (turning water into water vapor) and has condensed in the atmosphere (turning water vapor back into liquid water)!

The clouds have so much water in them which is why the clouds weigh over a million pounds.

Scientists don’t use a weighing scale to measure a cloud’s weight, but use math equations to figure it out!

But, what keeps the clouds in the air and prevents them from falling on Earth? Well, it is because of updrafts, or strong gusts of air that push upward. We might not always feel these gusts of air, but they are always around us and keep the clouds in the air.

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