Fact of the Day Image Nov. 26th

The Moon is Earth’s natural satellite! That means that it orbits or circles around a larger object. The larger object in this case is the Earth! Earth’s gravity causes the Moon to spin around it. If you see pictures of the Moon, it looks like a desreted object, with white dust and large craters. It doesn’t at all look like Earth. But, what if I told you that the Moon was actually a piece of Earth that got knocked off?

That’s true! It may not look like it, but the Moon was originally part of Earth! Scientists think that a comet or asteroid may have knocked a piece of Earth off! Scientists can see that using rock samples from the Moon and comparing them with samples from the Earth. They found that the Moon got knocked off and was slowly pulled into Earth’s gravitational pull. That is what the Moon is today! A piece of a very young Earth!