Fact of the Day Image Dec. 1st

Cells are the tiny building blocks of life and are found everywhere, from our skin to our stomach! Our skin is a barrier that protects our bones, muscles, and blood vessels from dirt, viruses, bacteria, or fungi. The skin is made up of millions of cells and sweat glands! Skin cells are under constant attack against intruders. Those cells help keep us safe!

We can shed up to 40,000 skin cells in just one minute!! How? It is because the skin cells have to be upgraded. As the skin cells are faced by the things around us, they start to get weaker and less protective. The body makes new skin cells to replace the old ones. The old skin cells fall off, because the body already has a new line of defense ready. This happens to thousands of cells every minute! That is why we lose about 40,000 skin cells every single minute!!!