Fact of the Day Image Dec. 6th

Your brain is the most complex thing in your body! It is made up of different parts that all process and decide things in the world around you! The brain uses your senses and knowledge to make decisions. The brain actually produces electricity that can power a small lightbulb! How? It’s just how your brain communicates with other parts of your body!!

Neurons or nerve cells are cells that are found in the brain and around our bodies. These neurons help our brains communicate with other parts of your body. They do this through the nervous system, which is a giant network of nerves all around your body. The neurons communicate using electrical signals! These electrical signals help the brain take in information and also control parts of your body. An example of this is picking up a pencil. Your eyes see the pencil and send a message to your brain using nerves and electrical signals. Then, the brain sends out signals to your hands to pick the pencil up. This all happens in a fraction of a second. A neuron can send out and receive a hundred electric signals every second! Since there is so much electrical activity inside of the brain, that is why the brain could actually power a small lightbulb!