Fact of the Day Image Dec. 7th

There is so much water on earth! Over 75% of Earth’s surface is water! But only 1% of the water is freshwater and is usable by most living things!! Why? Because the majority of the water on Earth is not usable!

Water can exist everywhere in a solid, liquid, or gas state. Most water in the ocean is slaty. That is a type of water we can’t use. There is also water contaminated because of pollution. That is also very toxic and not useable for living things. There is also water trapped in glaciers and ice caps! That water is not accessible to humans or other animals and plants. The 1% of water that is left is found in lakes, some rivers, and groundwater. That water is called freshwater, which doesn’t have salt or chemicals in it. This is the ONLY type of water living things can use and we have to protect that limited water supply! That is why there is only 1% of usable water on Earth!