Fact of the Day Image Dec. 15th

A neutron star is the remnants of a massive star that has run out of fuel. Stars are giant burning balls of gas. It turns hydrogen into helium and creates light and heat!! Stars can be the center on Solar Systems and are found everywhere in the universe. Neutron stars are formed when a dying star turns into a supernova and collapses onto itself, turning into one extremely dense star. A supernova is a giant explosion that happens when a start uses up the last of it’s fuel. After the supernova has collapsed in on itself, the star shrinks down to a neutron star. That neutron star is extremely dense, whihc means that it has a lot of atoms packed together tightly. Neutron stars are about 6 miles around, but they have a lot of atoms packed together.

Since these neutron stars are so dense, equal to 3 full-size stars, a little chunk of this type of star would weight over a 100 million tons!!