Fact of the Day Image Dec. 17th

Rain is usally just water falling from the sky. It is precipitation that comes from clouds in the sky. But, have you ever heard of fish or other sea creatures falling from the sky? It’s actually true! In some stroms near the coast, it can rain sea creatures!!

This all happens because of tornadoes. Tornadoes are usually formed in severe thunderstorms. In the thunderstorm, there can be warm air and cold air. The warm air rises and the cold air sinks. That rising and sinking pattern creates rotation. This only happens sometimes. The spinning part actually is laid on it’s side. Strong winds from the storm tilt the tornado into a swirling column of clouds. That is how a tornado forms! Tornadoes over water are called waterspouts and they can suck up water and sea animals and then carry them for miles until they rain down on the shore. The animals get carried into the tornado and rain down on land!! That is how it can actually rain sea creatures, in rare cases!!!