Fact of the Day Image Dec. 25th

When you say “The North Pole”, it could mean different things like the Earth’s magnetic pole or the Earth’s geographic North Pole!!! They are all in slightly different locations. In this fact, we are going to focus on the geographic North Pole. The geographic North Pole is located in the middle of the Arctic Ocean. There is a 6-8 feet thick sheet of ice over that part of the ocean, so you can actually stand on it! But, if you move even 1 inch, you will instantly not be on the true North Pole!

At the North Pole, or the Arctic there is ONLY 1 sunrise and 1 sunset per YEAR! How? It is all because of the Arctic’s position. Since it is on top of the Earth, it is tilted toward the Sun for 6 months and tilted away from the Sun for 6 months, due to the Earth’s axis or tilt. Because of that, 6 months at the Arctic are dark and 6 months at the Arctic are bright. That is why there is only 1 sunrise and 1 sunset at the Arctic or North Pole!!

Happy Holidays!!