Fact of the Day Image Dec. 28th

Galaxies are large collections of stars, planets, comets, asteroids, and space debris. Our Solar System is in a galaxy called the Milky Way! Galaxies can have millions of Solar Systems inside of them. Galaxies are just a big soup of material. Galaxies are the key to forming stars because all of that gas and debris comes together to form stars, like the Sun!

The observable universe, the universe that we can see using telescopes, has over 50 billion galaxies in it! Even though galaxies can be huge, they are only a small part of the universe. There are millions of Solar Systems in galaxies and billions of galaxies in the universe!! Think of the universe like a country: the Solar Systems are like your community or your block, galaxies are like your city or state, and the universe is a gaint country, made up of a lot of cities and communities! It is mindblowing to think that we are only a small part of our galaxy and our universe, out of over 50 billion galaxies!!