Fact of the Day Image June 25th

Comets are giant balls of rocks and ice that orbit a star. They are made up of 3 main parts: the nucleus, the coma, and the tail. The nucleus of a comet is made up of ice, gas, dust, and rocks. It is found right at the head of a comet. The nucleus of a comet is usually frozen. The nucleus can also be made out of solid forms of gases such as Methane or Carbon dioxide. The coma is mostly made out of gas. It wraps around the nucleus of the comet. It is mostly made out of water vapor, Carbon dioxide, or even dust. The tail of the comet is mostly made out of gases or dust. This is the part that trails behind the rest of the comet. Debris from the tail of the comet causes meteor showers because the pieces of rock and dust fall into Earth’s atmosphere. That causes it to burn up and be visible as meteor.