Fact of the Day Image September 27th

Asteroids are large pieces of rock floating in space. Most of the asteroids found in our Solar System are in the Asteroid Belt. The 3 main types of asteroids are C, S, and M type asteroids. The asteroids are put into these categories based on their composition or what they are made out of. Let’s start off with C-type asteroids. The C stands for Carbon. These types of asteroids are mostly made out of Carbon. They are also the most common type of asteroid. Next is S-type asteroids. The S stands for stony. These asteroids are made out of nickel, iron and magnesium-silicates or stony materials. Lastly, we have M-type asteroids. The M stands for metallic. These asteroids are made out of many types of metals such as iron and nickel. These are the 3 main types of asteroids!